Our Industry training program is offered at variable course hours, with the curriculum and length of course customized to meet industry-specific compliance measures and site-specific needs.

Industry Fall Protection (Personal Fall Arrest/Restraint/Positioning Systems)

This course is designed to protect exposed employees from fall hazards. The training program teaches employees to recognize the hazards of falls in their work area and the procedures for erecting, maintaining, disassembling, and inspecting the fall protection systems to be used in order to minimize these hazards.

Students will also be provided instruction in the use and operation of guardrail systems, personal fall arrest systems, safety net systems, warning line systems, safety monitoring systems, controlled access zones, and any other fall protection that an employee will use. Course content is customized to meet specific industry needs. The training includes both classroom and hands-on components.

Length: 8 or 16 hours

We offer both Qualified Person and Competent Person training

A qualified person is a person designated by the employer; a person who by reason of training, experience, or instruction has demonstrated the ability to perform safely all assigned duties; and, when required, is properly licensed in accordance with federal, state, or local laws and regulations.

A competent person is a person who is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards in the surroundings, or working conditions that are unsanitary, hazardous, or dangerous to employees. The competent person has the authority to impose prompt corrective measures to eliminate these hazards.

Fall Protection Training

Training Courses can be conducted at your site-specific location, Regional Fire Training Center, or at our Training Facility. Please contact our office regarding at 831-338-7692 to schedule a class, attend a class, or for more course information.