Standby Services

With the right team on site and the appropriate measures in place, nearly all workplace accidents and fatalities are preventable. Let Lee & Associates Rescue provide you and your personnel with peace of mind, so you can confidently focus on the job at hand. Our standby services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our standby services include:

  • Confined Space Rescue Standby Services
  • Fall Protection and Rope Access Standby Services
  • Emergency Medical Standby Services
  • Fire Protection Standby Services

An integrated approach to keeping you protected

Our proven history in maintaining a safe work environment for all of the clients we serve is largely based on our integrated approach to Standby Services. By preplanning all proposed work with our clients, we ensure that our team is fully integrated with your team. This creates a seamless checks-and-balances approach to working in hazardous environments, and allows us to initiate action immediately in the case of an emergency.

“Lee & Associates provided professional emergency planning and standby
rescue services for our permit required confined space work (PRCS). Our
PRCS was a 115,000 foot long, 20.5 foot diameter hydroelectric tunnel
located in a remote mountainous area. We confidently inspected the
tunnel knowing the Lee & Associates’ team was managing the safety plan
and ‘had our backs.'”
Blake D. Rothfuss, Lead Associate & Safety Manager, Jacobs Associates

Our standby field professionals

All of our field personnel have many years of emergency response experience. They also maintain diverse rescue training backgrounds, and have extensive experience working in Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) environments. In any significant event, our personnel will never hesitate to take control of a situation, and understand the importance of running an emergency operation by the numbers.

Knowing how to safely and effectively access your challenging work environments not only benefits your day-to-day business continuity plan, but also, ultimately, affects your company’s bottom line.