Specialized Services

Lee & Associates Rescue has maintained a reputation as a tried and trusted Full Service Provider for over 35 years. Working with a diverse customer base has helped us to develop an array of specialized services that respond to our customers’ unique, specific, and, sometimes, time-sensitive and confidential requests. All of our services can be conducted on a regularly scheduled basis, or as need arises.

Our specialized services include:

  • SCBA, Supplied Air, & APR Fit Testing
  • Consultation & Program Review
  • Site Inspections & Hazard Assessment
  • Expert Witness & Post Incident Analysis
  • Entertainment Industry Support

Changing the way you work

By combining the latest equipment with the latest training, we can help your crews update the way they access hazardous work locations. First, we spend time with your crew on site to assess the specific challenges they face, the equipment they have available to them, and the level and depth of their experience and training. We can then develop an individualized plan for ensuring a more efficient and, ultimately, safer work environment for your personnel.

Changing the way you work
“When we initially looked at our Penstock project, there was a tremendous amount of concern on our part on how we would be able to perform our work and more importantly how we could perform it safely. With the uniqueness and complexity of our project, I knew it would require a professional firm with a ton of knowledge. You and your staff played a huge role in our success in this project. You developed a safety plan that not only kept our crews safe, but also allowed us to have much more comfort and mobility on the line than originally anticipated.

This mobility saved our company time and money while maintaining the highest of safety standards; in my world, this is a win-win! As a business owner, there are two reoccurring scenarios that we face daily: how to perform our work safely and how to perform our work profitably. Utilizing Lee and Associates Rescue helps us with both these issues.”

Paul Baker, President PB Electric Inc.

In the four decades since the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act) was signed into law, workplace deaths and reported occupational injuries have dropped by more than 60 percent. Yet the nation’s workers continue to face an unacceptable number of work-related deaths, injuries and illnesses, most of them preventable.

Every day, more than 12 workers die on the job – over 4,500 a year.
Every year, more than 4.1 million workers suffer a serious job-related injury or illness.

Source: Occupational Health and Safety Administration, 2012